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Dr. Dwight Tyndall, M.D., FAAOS


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Dr. Dwight Tyndall, M.D., FAAOS

Clinical Faculty Department of Orthopaedics IUSM-Northwest


Patient Emphasis:

Outpatient Spine Surgery, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Disc Regenerative Therapy, Disc Replacement Surgery

Dr. Dwight Tyndall’s practice is solely focused on the non-surgical and surgical treatment of spinal disorders. He believes that most spine disorders can be treated with appropriate non-surgical means such as medications and therapy. However, when surgical treatment is necessary he is a strong proponent of using Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) in Outpatient Spine Surgery (OPSS) setting.


These new treatment options allow patients to have their surgery in an outpatient setting therefore returning home the day of surgery and having a shorter and faster recovery. As a leader in both MIS and OPSS, Dr. Tyndall has helped to develop new MIS/OPSS instruments, implants and surgical techniques that have benefited his patients. He has regularly lectured on many benefits an advantages of MIS and OPSS.

Additionally, Dr. Tyndall is on the vanguard of Spine clinicians who are pursuing disc regenerative therapy (DRT) as a treatment for chronic low back pain. DRT is an outpatient treatment by which an injured painful disc can be repaired by using stem cells. DRT can be a great benefit to patients who have failed other traditional treatments and who are not surgical candidates.


Dr. Tyndall has also offers his patients the latest spine technology such as cervical cervical disc replacement. Cervical disc replacement is a great alternative to cervical fusion since since it preserves neck motion while relieving neck pain.


Dr. Tyndall is clinical faculty at Indiana University Medical School and as such regularly works with medical students. He is a contributing editor and board member of SpineUniverse.com. Dr. Tyndall has published in many clinical journals including Clinical Orthopedics and Journal of Orthopaedic Research.



Medical School:

New York University School of Medicine

New York City, NY


Internship: New York University Medical Center

New York City, NY


Residency: Stanford University Medical Center

Palo Alto, CA


Fellowship: The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) -Cornell University Medical Center

New York, NY



   * American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons

   * Professional Organizations: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)

   * North American Spine Society (NASS)

   * Society for Minimal Invasive Surgery (SMISS)

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