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Dr. Tyndall performed a spinal fusion on me, which prior to surgery, I could barely walk. Dr. Tyndall is the most compassionate, caring doctor and his expertise is surpassed by none. Everyone at Orthopaedic Specialists; reception, physical therapy, and MRI were wonderful. Especially Dr. Tyndall’s nurse, Carrie, who always brightened my day. I have referred total strangers to Dr. Tyndall and the facility with no hesitation. My experience has been one of pure joy knowing I have a doctor who truly cares and listens to my concerns. Debra P.

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I like Dr. Khanna because he is straight and to the point. He explains everything thoroughly and takes his time with his patients. He has never made me feel like nothing can be done with any of my issues and doesn’t jump the gun suggesting surgery is the only answer. He has great bedside manner and always makes me feel like my questions and care truly matter. Carmella C.

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Dr. Dedhia and his staff are fantastic. They don’t pull no punches. He is a straightforward, no nonsense kind of doctor. His nursing staff is very attentive and also very understanding. I highly recommend Dr. Dedhia anytime I hear someone needing an orthopaedic doctor. Cheryl V.

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My surgery was on June 7, 2017. It was a complete anterior hip replacement by Dr. Hecht. I had been using a walker for 4 months unable to walk unassisted and in terrible pain. Within 5 days after surgery and going to rehab I was walking unassisted and was pain-free. Rehab jump-started my recovery. Dr. Hecht gave me my life back! I am so grateful. Linda R.

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Dr. Gelman is an excellent doctor. He is punctual and was very helpful during my pre-op and post-op visits. He aided me with my blood pressure before and after surgery, and I felt he truly cared. Dr. Gelman is very friendly and professional. I have gone to him twice for my surgeries and continue to recommend him to anyone needing surgery. Sonia B.

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I have found Dr. Best to be very knowledgeable and professional in his field. He is always patient and answers any questions that I may have. My pain has been relieved and I highly recommend him for anyone who lives with chronic pain. Linda S.

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