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Workers Compensation



The physicians at Orthopaedic Specialists of Northwest Indiana, OSNI, are

dedicated to ensuring patients who are being treated for work related injuries

receive expert medical care. In order to achieve this, we employ a team of

worker’s compensation professionals whose sole purpose is to manage this process

to make sure the treatment recommended by the physician is expeditiously



These professionals make sure that the insurance companies, nurse case managers,

and employers are always apprised of the injured workers status and treatment

plan. We do this by providing work status reports and dictations within 24 hours

of the patient’s appointment. We also understand how important it is for the

patient to be seen as quickly as possible to access the situation. Initial evaluations

are scheduled within 24-48 hours and in some cases, same day appointments are



Our goal is to deliver the highest quality service and prepare patients to return

safely to the work environment as quickly as possible. With that goal in mind and

for the convenience of the patient, we offer all of the following on-site services:


* Physical Therapy

* Occupational Therapy

* Work Conditioning

* Open MRI

* X-ray

* PPI Ratings

* Independent Medical Examinations (IME)


At OSNI we understand that constant communication with insurance adjusters and

nurse case managers is critical in expediting the worker’s compensation process.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays, our worker’s compensations professionals are

available to answer any and all questions that may arise during the patient’s



To schedule an appointment or answer any questions regarding worker’s

compensation, please contact our Worker’s Compensation Department.