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Dr. Sunil Dedhia

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Dr. Sunil Dedhia helps step behind the mainstream media curtain to understand when and how stem cell and platelet injections can help Orthopedic ailments.

Stem cell and plasma rich platelet injection therapies have become very popular as alternative treatments for orthopeadic problems that involve muscles, tendons, and ligaments. However, as with many topics that hit mainstream media, the information out there may not be 100 percent accurate.

Dr. Dedhia is an Orthopedic surgeon at Orthopedic Specialists of Northwest Indiana. His practice emphasis is sports medicine, as well as arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Dedhia wants to help people understand the reality behind both forms of treatment, what conditions are candidates, and what to expect from this form of treatment.

“Both stem cell and platelet are excellent alternatives to surgery if the condition warrants this form of treatment,” he says. “Unfortunately, the hype is that these treatments are a panacea for all Orthopedic maladies, and that’s inaccurate.”

Dr. Dedhia explains that certain medical issues are good candidates for treatment with stem cell or platelet injections. “Tendinopathy is a scientific term that means degeneration and disorganization of collagen fibers that results in pain and tenderness,” he says. “The tendon is not torn, it is still attached to the bone. And it is not inflamed. Actually, it’s the opposite of inflammation.” Tennis elbow and jumper’s knee are lay terms that cover tendinopathy issues. “These conditions are good candidates for treatment with plasma rich platelet injections.”

Tendinopathy is a condition where the tendon is put through a repetitive condition, such as hitting a tennis ball or kicking a soccer ball. The tendon does not react correctly to the movement, which causes the pain. A thorough examination by an Orthopedic expert, which may include an MRI, ultrasound, or CT scan, can diagnose the problem.

Dr. Dedhia begins treatment conservatively. “We’ll try medication and perhaps physical therapy,” he says. “The tendon is irritated, but not significantly damaged. If medication and therapy don’t provide the desired results, then we look into injections.” Injections can be done in a physician’s office and do not require anesthesia.

The examination and tests may show a medical condition that requires arthroscopic or minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Dedhia performs both procedures as needed.

Orthopedic Specialists of Northwest Indiana (OSNI) has provided world-class care to the patients of Northwest Indiana and the Greater Chicago area for over 20 years. OSNI surgeons have trained at the most prestigious institutions from around the country and have been continuously recognized for their research and many patient excellence awards. Our physicians have taught both US and International surgeons their minimally invasive techniques and hold clinical academic appointments at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

OSNI is committed to ensuring excellence in every aspect of care for patients and their family. It is both an honor and a privilege to be voted #1 Best of the Region for Orthopedics for our eighth consecutive year.

With seven convenient locations throughout Northwest Indiana, evening and Saturday appointments, and state of the art technology and equipment, OSNI is committed to ensuring our patients receive world-class care.

A graduate of Northwestern University Medical School, Dr. Sunil Dedhia has served as a team physician for the Houston Astros Major League Baseball team, Houston Texans NFL team, and the Division I University of Houston Cougars. During his training at Northwestern, Dr. Dedhia assisted physicians who cared for the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cubs. Dr. Dedhia has authored numerous Orthopedic articles both locally and in peer reviewed journals. He has also given many seminars locally as well as at national meetings on disorders of the shoulder and knee. Dr. Dedhia cares for patients of all ages ranging from adolescents to those in need of joint replacement.

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